COVID-19 Update

Due to the current government announcement, our clinic is returning to Alert Level 4.

At this time, we will be prioritising essential veterinary services, including the alleviation of conditions causing animals pain, distress or illness. Non-essential services may be deferred until it is safe to provide them.

We ask that you phone ahead so that our nurses can assess your situation and secure you an appointment time if necessary.

Our clinic has now implemented contactless protocols

This means:

1. Our clinic doors are now locked
2. All appointments, including food and medication pickups, must be pre-booked
3. Clients must call on arrival from their vehicle or outside the clinic
4. A team member will come and collect your pet from the agreed location
5. The consultation will be held over the phone with your Veterinarian
6. Payment for your consultation (or food/medication pick up) must be contactless
7. Your pet and any medication/food will be returned to the agreed location

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time as we try our best to care for your pets in a safe and thoughtful way.

We will continue to enforce strict infection control measures for all team members to ensure the safety of everyone.

Whilst your pets are not a known risk factor, public spaces are, which is why we are implementing these new protocols.

All the best, everyone and take care.