Pet Export

Planning on moving overseas with your pet?

The thought of moving overseas with/without your pet can be very daunting as your pets comfort and health needs close attention.  International travel for our pets has changed a lot in recent years and the process has made it safer and easier for our pets to be relocated.  We see many pets come through our clinic to be checked before venturing to another country so before you decide to re-home your pet in fear of their travel safety, talk to us first as it may be entirely possible to start a new adventure with your fur babies.

Pet Export Agency or DIY?

Hiring a pet transport agency is a must when it comes to pet travel. The agency instruct on any requirements pre and post travel and they can ensure a smooth transition from one country to another.  Your pet transport agency will also advise what vaccination or treatment your pet needs to meet the standards of the location the pet is relocating to.  Special MPI approved vets must be used for specific countries such as Australia so make sure you specify which country you are moving to so that our MPI certified Veterinarian can be arranged to perform your pets vet check. There are many pet transportation companies out there but the one that we would recommend is Aero Pets.

MPI Registered Vets:

Dr Vicki Lim is an excellent veterinarian in our team, she is fully MPI registered for strict Australian pet exports requirements. Otherwise, all our veterinarians can sign your export certificates if your pet is going elsewhere


"We recently moved our family of five (plus one fur baby) from Auckland to Singapore, and with Vetcare's help the transition was smooth sailing for our cat Rocco. It took us a while to find our permanent accommodation, so Rocco stayed in the Vetcare cattery for five months!! We missed him terribly but as a regular at the cattery we knew he was in familiar territory and receiving plenty of affection and attention from the wonderful nurse team there. We also received regular updates, which helped the kids feel better about his long absence. Together with our pet transportion agent, Vetcare took care of all his healthcare, vaccination requirements and paperwork to ensure he was ready for the long flight to his new home. Thank you Vetcare for the easy transition, it's great to have Rocco home safe and sound." The Woods Family.

Contact us to organise pet export.