Receptionist, Veterinary Nurse and Cat Consultant

Molly Kelsey

Salutations, I’m Molly (she/her) and you’ll find me in the reception area at Auckland Pet Hospital since I started here in early 2024. As a lifelong animal lover I studied Vet Nursing straight out of school and graduated in 2011. I worked as a Vet Nurse for a time but due to ongoing illnesses I had to step back. This lead to reception and marketing roles which have seen me working at both general and specialist clinics.

I’m a total animal behaviour nerd, and a big advocate for making veterinary care as low-stress and accessible as possible for both clients and patients. So, if you need the music turned down or your pet is better waiting in the car I’m all for it. When I’m not at the clinic you’ll find me working as a Cat Behaviour Consultant, furthering my animal behaviour studies, or  indulging in my array of hobbies (yay for ADHD). I live with my partner and whichever cat we are fostering for a rescue organisation.

I look forward to assisting with your companion’s health and wellbeing at Auckland Pet Hospital.

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